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Adnimation – Earn more from your website ads with less hassle. Increased earnings, reduced noise. We empower publishers to bring their community back in to their hands with our simple suite of services – making key tasks such as revenue analytics, user experience and ad placement a breeze.

Features of Adnimation:

Site monetization – Make the most of every impression with unique ad serving technology;
Revenue analytics – Our proprietary technology let’s you dig deep in to your post’s analytics to see the hows and whys;
Header bidding – We manage ultra-fast header bidding with multiple premium ad sources;
Direct campaigns – Your personal sales team to sell directly to premium brands;
Dynamic ads – The right ads delivered to the right people at the right time;
Video monetization – Hosting, streaming, players and monetization for video;
Revenue safety – Get deeper insights in to what is seen by your users with Google active view.

1 929 575 5000
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Company Name: Adnimation
Payment Frequency: NET30
Country: United States
Payment Method: WebMoney Bitcoin Ethereum
Minimum Payment: $500
Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Commission Type: CPM
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